About Me

i am cuddles or any of my myriad of other names,
a transfem/transmasc nonbinary ace lesbian living in the netherlands.

i'm into skating (boarding, inlining), bouldering, computering (linuxing, programming),
tetrising, 3d printing, magic the gathering, simracing, mechanical keyboarding.

Minecraft Server


i am currently running a 1.20.2 vanilla-ish minecraft server for people in my discord, you can connect to it with the ip mc.cuddles.monster, you need to be whitelisted in order to join, contact me with your minecraft username using one of the links below.
it has a few of mods, which allow you to view an online map, harvest crops by right clicking, not need an arrow in your inventory for infinity bows, faster leaf decay, no creeper block damage, and generate a chest with your items when you die.

online map

for your home to show up on the map, you need to use 2 commands, set a home using /sethome [name of your home] and then edit it's privacy to public with /edithome [name of your home] privacy public and it will show up on the map.
if you want to add something that is not a house to the map, just use the command /setwarp [name of marker] (you can't actually teleport to homes or warps, they are just markers on the map website).

other mods

bow infinity fix has a small desync issue if you don't have it installed on the client, which means that shooting a bow while holding a shield won't show the animation on your screen, it will still shoot. to fix it you need to install it on your client.
the server has simple voice chat installed, you can use it to talk to people close to you or create a group to talk to people who are far away. to install it on your client you can use something like prism launcher to easily install it.
to check what other mods are installed on the server you can run the command /mods and then you can click through the list to see every single mod that is currently installed, if there's any i forgot to mention here.

different servers and chat

there is also a creative server, which you can join either by using the command /server creative or by connecting using the ip creative.cuddles.monster. you can go back to survival with the command /server survival.
you can also connect to the survival server directly using the ip survival.cuddles.monster, if you connect using the regular ip, you will just be connected to whatever server you logged out on.
you can chat with people on the survival or creative server, or people in the #mc-text channel in the discord server, to access that channel you need the @morbcraft role.

My Links